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Data Backup

60% of attempts to restore from tape do no succeed.
[source: Storage Management Magazine October 2006]

2 out of 5 companies that are shut down for 3 days aren't around 3 years later.
[source: Eagle Rock Alliance/Contingency Planning & Management 2001]

93% of business have network virus protection. 63% are still infected on an annual basis.
[source: Gartner Group 2007]

44% of all major data loss comes from hardware and system malfunction.
[source: Computer Forensics 2005]

Data Backup

Why Backup?

.... because if it's worth having, it's worth protecting!

Business data is a valuable asset. In many cases, it is the company. Having readily available access to that data directly affects operations, communication and customer goodwill. Today, over 70% of that data resides on computers. And there is an increasing number of threats.

  • All the time more intelligent viruses, spyware, phishing & malware
  • Frequent cases of file corruption
  • Hardware failure - motherboard malfunctions and CPU collapses
  • Common physical threats like fire, flooding, negligence and theft
  • Familiar incidences of accidental file deletion and human error

Because of it's importance to organisations, even the smallest loss of information could potentially cause a crisis. The IT world is unpredictable. An effective backup policy doesn't just ensure a company's data, it ensures their business.

Why Backup Online?

.... because of performance, security and ease of management.

With traditional tape backup a restore takes time, demands constant management and is lacking in security. Similarly, "backing up" to hard drive often isn't actually a form of backing up, it can be just a process of copying data from one device to another. There is no versioning or encryption meaning you could merely be duplicating defunct data. Online backup closes the gaps left by tape backup and hard drive copying. It removes the hassle.

  • Online backup is an automatic process
  • Online backup keeps data encrypted and stored offsite in secure data vaults
  • Online backup provides fast file and system recovery after data loss
  • Online backup is easily managed through a simple user interface

In today's business climate, companies need focus on operations. Online backup allows companies to allocate resources in profitable areas of the business and removes the worry of data protection. On top of that, it's quick, easy and secure.

Why SOHO IT Solutions?

.... because we have partnered with Backup Direct who specialise.

Between us we have the experience and knowledge. We know what the best online backup technologies and partner with only quality vendors. We also understand that real value comes from recovery and have a dedicated service support team to ensure our customers get their data back when they need it most.

  • We value customer service above all else
  • We employ dedicated technical experts
  • We use the best technologies available
  • We are trusted by thousands of companies for their data's protection
  • We know that for some, backup is a scary place. With SOHO IT Solutions you'll get open and honest advise. Different companies have different needs which is why we offer a range of available technologies, not just one. Thousands of businesses already trust us for these reasons.

    SOHO IT Solutions are Official Backup Direct Business Partners

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