Are you playing Russian roulette with your most important asset – your data?

Our premium cloud backup solution is secure, UK bases and designed specifically to protect your most important asset – your business data!

Powered by industry-leading Redstor software it is reliable, secure, automated and scalable allowing it to grow with your business.

Premium Cloud Backup Features

24 hour UK based technical support

Quick & easy setup

Data held in two UK based datacentres


Automated daily backups


Data is protected by 256bit AES encryption

Dedicated servers

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Not being a tech person, I was surprised at how easy the system is to use and recovered my accidentally deleted files.
Donna Roberts

Business Owner, Smampy’s Corner


Ten questions to ask your current backup provider

Where do they store your data?
At SOHO IT Solutions our servers are located in the Bournemouth and Southampton.

Many companies store their data with third parties in foreign countries to keep costs down. You may be breaking UK data protection laws if this is the case.

Can I restore individual emails/folders from a mailbox?

All data backed up using BackupVault is encrypted using a 256bit AES key known only to you – before it even leaves your system. Your data is also encrypted using the industry-standard SSL encryption when transferring over the Internet.

Once the data arrives at our storage servers it remains encrypted using the AES key you supplied. We do not have any access to unencrypted data whatsoever.

Tip: Ask the backup company if they can reset the encryption key – if they can then your data is not secure

How do they charge for backup?

Our charges are very straightforward – we simply charge for how much data
you wish to protect. If you have 100GB of data, then we charge you for 100GB.

Other providers charge you on “how much data is stored on their servers”. In this
example 100GB may compress to 70GB, but after 30 days of backups it may also
be 1000GB. Providers who charge like this have absolutely no incentive to ensure
their systems are efficient and the data is de-duplicated.

How good is the technical support?

Can you call them at 11 pm on a Sunday to solve an issue? You shouldn’t
have to wonder if they would be there to help when you need them the most.

We offer 24-hour UK based telephone, email and remote support as standard.

Can they perform snapshot backups/restores?

We offer the ability to “snapshot” the backups/restores to a removable disk.

This enables very fast backups/restores for large backup accounts.

Snapshots are included in the monthly service.

Do they use reliable disk hardware?

We only use enterprise-grade SAS hard drives on all their servers, whilst many
other companies will use consumer-grade SATA disks.

Whilst SATA disks keep the cost per GB down, they are nowhere near as reliable as SAS drives.

To keep costs down, many backup companies do not mirror their data. We mirror our data to our Southampton datacentre every 30 minutes for complete redundancy.

Helpful Quick Tips & Tricks

Keeping your data safe

Top IT and security managers follow a simple rule called the 3-2-1 backup rule. Essentially, you will keep three copies of your data on two different types of media (local and external hard drive) and one copy in an off-site location (cloud storage).