Are you playing Russian roulette with your G Suite Email & Data?

Google will restore my deleted data right?

WRONG, it’s true that they take great care of their cloud infrastructure and connectivity to give you a very reliable service.

However, your data stored in their cloud is YOUR responsibility

Why Backup your G Suite data?

Having a solid backup strategy for your G Suite emails & data is essential for Security, Compliance, and Business Continuity.

Accidental Deletion

Ransomware & Viruses

Retention Policy

Legal & Compliance

Malicious Employees

Avoid Dependency

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Been using Jayson to assist within a number of areas of the business since 2012. Always found Jayson to be extremely knowledgeable, creative, and will work to the best possible solution at all times. Would thoroughly recommend Jayson to any SME.

Mark Connor

Managing Director, Six Degrees Recruitment


Frequently Asked Questions

Surely Google backup my G Suite data, so I don’t have to?
No, this is not true, but a very common misconception. Google ensures that their infrastructure and connectivity are functioning correctly, but the responsibility of your data remains with you. You still need to backup your data.
Can I restore individual emails/folders from a mailbox?
Yes. You can restore granularly, including emails, tasks and calendars.
How much does the service cost?
Our charges are based upon the number of mailboxes and the total amount of storage used. Contact us for a quotation.
Can users work on their email during a backup?
Yes, the backup process is completely invisible to end-users. The backup software does not interfere with users whilst a backup is running.
Can I backup my Google drive data?
Yes, we can backup Google Drive data.
Is there a free trial available?
Yes of course. Complete the free trial page for a 14-day trial.

Helpful Quick Tips & Tricks

Google Workspace – Emails & Docs

Google Workspace is secure, but it’s a misconception to think that it doesn’t need any backups—it does, just like any other data storage solution.