With the global pandemic still continuing to influence where and how we work, with more time being spent online, you and your credentials are at risk more than ever!


45% of respondents did not change their passwords in the past year, even after a data breach occurred.

83% would not know whether their information was on the dark web.

92% of users are creating passwords that may contain public information.

The team at LastPass have been exploring the password security behaviours of 3,750 professionals across seven countries.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the home lives and workplaces of millions worldwide. Offices closed, people transitioned to working remotely, and families were quarantined at home. With nowhere to go, they are spending more time online.

70% reported spending more time online for personal entertainment and work.

65% of people use the same password or a variation for multiple accounts, though they know it’s a security risk.


Keeping Your Passwords Safe

by Jayson Gurney time to read: 1 min