Over the last 15+ years, I have seen many changes within the IT industry but one thing still remains the same – businesses using free or domestic ISP-specific email addresses. It’s true that these work, but they don’t give the correct professional impression for a business, nor are they always easy for your customers to remember.

Email is a vital extension of a company’s online presence, so it is not surprising to find that customers expect a professional business website to be complemented by a domain name-specific email address.

So if your website is www.soho-it-solutions.co.uk, using an email address like info@soho-it-solutions.co.uk is easier for potential customers to remember rather than using a Yahoo! or Hotmail address that has nothing to do with your website.

In today’s Internet dependant world, we should all maximise the potential of our corporate emails by following these 3 simple rules:

  • Use a domain-specific email address
  • Include a small branded email signature that has your website, social media, and other contact details clearly displayed.
  • If you really want to maximise the email, you could even include a short client testimonial or newsletter sign-up button below your signature block.

Are you losing valuable business via your email address?

by Jayson Gurney time to read: 1 min